Storage Tank Insulation Reference

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 Tetrad Insulation Services 3618 – 98th Street NW Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 6B4 Ph: (780) 466-9944 Attn: Mr. Scott Odland Subject: Letter of Reference – Professional Insulation Services The insulation services provided by Tetrad Insulation Services to us here at [redacted] has been a great success. [redacted] has worked with Tetrad on numerous of storage tank projects ranging from a capacity of 5,000BBL and upwards. Since discovering Tetrad Insulation Services we have

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Construction Manager Reference

Francis M, Construction Manager; To, whom it may concern. This letter is made in hopes of providing a performance reference for Tetrad Insulation Services. Tetrad has been an integral part of our success on two construction projects over a period of almost ten months; one being that of an onsite pipe rack project and the other as a part of our modular fabrication team at our yard. Throughout, their safety program has been paramount, participating

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Insultherm Reference

April 27, 2018 To whom it may concern: Tetrad Insulation Services is our preferred installer of our insulation systems in Canada. Insultherm and Tetrad have worked together on many projects dating back to May 2014. Scott Odland, Tetrad’s principal, has personally taken a proactive approach to learning our insulation system and ensuring that his field installers are qualified to install each system exactly as designed. Insultherm has sent technical advisors on several different projects to

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