Francis M,

Construction Manager;

To, whom it may concern.

This letter is made in hopes of providing a performance reference for Tetrad Insulation Services. Tetrad has been an integral part of our success on two construction projects over a period of almost ten months; one being that of an onsite pipe rack project and the other as a part of our modular fabrication team at our yard. Throughout, their safety program has been paramount, participating in the prime and clients programs and adhering to all site rules. There has not been one issue or problem regarding the quality of the construction execution or material which Tetrad provides. The rates at which their services are provided are among the most competitive on the industrial construction market.

Besides the quality of the craftsmanship and materials, and the rates at which they operate, the approach from the side of Tetrad Insulation Services has been very work friendly. At all times, all levels of supervision up to the President of the company are reachable and accountable. Not once during either project was there a lag in responding to inquiries or working with the construction team to come up with solutions. Tetrad’s careful consideration was always given with regards to both schedule and budget, ensuring their solutions were fiscally sound. This is what sets them apart from being just a sub-contractor to a part of a core team on a project. This letter is intended to give you the facts and information, to enable you to make the right choice in the future when deciding on an insulation contractor. I do earnestly look forward to doing future business with Tetrad Insulation Services and gladly endorse them. 

Yours sincerely, 

Francis M.