April 27, 2018

To whom it may concern:

Tetrad Insulation Services is our preferred installer of our insulation systems in Canada. Insultherm and Tetrad have worked together on many projects dating back to May 2014. Scott Odland, Tetrad’s principal, has personally taken a proactive approach to learning our insulation system and ensuring that his field installers are qualified to install each system exactly as designed.

Insultherm has sent technical advisors on several different projects to train the upper management and the field installers the proper techniques to successfully install our systems. The ability and willingness to learn these techniques properly were evidenced by the successful completion of many projects.

As a leader in the insulation storage tank industry, Insultherm seeks to partner with companies that strive to excel in the installation of our product lines, as our succss is defined by the success of our installers. I would personally recommend Tetrad Insulation for any storage tank insulation project without hesitation. Should you wish to discuss Insultherm and Tetrad’s capabilities further, please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Jonathan Mackie
  • COO
  • jmackie@insultherminc.com
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