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At Tetrad Insulation Services, people are our difference. For us, it’s crucial to have the right people on our team, so we hire for expertise, mindset, culture, and beliefs, ensuring that our teams are composed of likeminded individuals that we can rely on to act with honesty and integrity.

We support our teams with approachable management that leads by example – our leaders are known for their involvement and performing the work alongside field staff. We know our staff intimately and assign them to projects that utilize their strengths, fostering loyalty and accountability. With a low turnover, field staff that return to Tetrad again and again, and a cache of repeat clients, our culture promotes buy-in and creates real engagement and commitment. Because we build teams of experienced people with valuable skillsets, we’re able to complete projects quickly, efficiently, and with superior quality and safety. And by applying the same approach to our relationships with suppliers, we continually secure superior material pricing for our clients.

When it comes to day-to-day operations, communications, and decision-making, we don’t bring our clients problems, we bring them solutions. Constantly in communication with project teams (our own and our clients’) we prioritize face-to-face communication and engaged leadership, allowing us to make quick decisions and immediately redirect where needed. We never compromise on quality, avoiding reworking by doing it once and doing it right. Working collaboratively with our clients, we measure our success by aligning our outcomes with our clients’ – but we’re also forthright about risks and challenges that may interfere with achieving project milestones. In those cases, we work hard to create workable solutions, adjusting our course to ensure success.

Availability is not a skill set.

Scott Odland, President

Past Projects

CNRL Kirby North

A Canadian Natural SAGD facility, the Kirby North project was originally initiated in spring 2014
but was put on hold as oil prices declined. In 2017, the project, which includes 60 producer and
injector well pairs, resumed.

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  • Canada's installer of choice​

Insul-Therm distributes and fabricates high-quality insulation systems and accessories for industrial and commercial applications. As pioneers in vertical seam tanks, they’ve personally trained us to install their products.