Tetrad Insulation Services

We partner with clients across North America to provide high-quality, solutions-driven insulation services. As trusted advisors we collaborate with our clients and in doing so we create a culture of accountability and integrity that promotes respect, safety, and commitment to success.

We are North Americas insulation contractor of choice; maintaining our people-focused and solutions-driven approach while remaining versatile and adaptable to new technologies and innovations.

Our story


Established in 2014, Tetrad Insulation Services is a full-scale insulation contractor serving Canada’s industrial market. Relationship-driven, we’re known for investing completely in every project, committing to our clients’ success and fostering a culture of honesty, integrity, and trust. Whether our teams are performing large- or small-scale projects, our approach is consistent: we communicate constantly and candidly, with performance excellence in quality and safety.

Consistent in approach, we tailor our services and programs to each project’s requirements. Our national reach and capacity allow us to assemble teams for projects of any size and scope while maintaining our distinctive culture and approach.


Experience The Tetrad Approach

Our Values


As trusted advisors, we’re forthright with our clients. We make recommendations based on our knowledge and expertise, bringing our clients solutions rather than dismissing potential risks and problems.


We are transparent about risks or challenges with our clients. We’re open and honest about our work and we collaborate to create successful solutions. We garner trust and respect by self-disclosing and giving our clients the whole picture.


We value relationships and face-to-face communication. We get to know our clients, projects, and employees personally, fostering respect, communication, and commitment from the field to the office. Cultivating a relationship-focused culture, our leadership team is personally involved in every project, connecting onsite with both our clients and project teams.


Our clients and our teams trust us to take care of them. We treat every project as though we are the client, promoting ownership and accountability and securing success. Our teams know that we prioritize their health, safety, and wellbeing – we are the contractor that cares.


We know that when people feel supported and valued, they’re fully invested in their work. Accountability is both a value and a byproduct of our culture of honesty, openness, and support. We empower our teams to take responsibility for their decisions and actions and together we create solutions without compromising service or quality.


Because every project and every client are different, we will not offer blanket solutions or approaches. Rather, we develop tailored quality and safety programs and customized solutions for each project, adapting to changes and challenges with agility and professionalism. Plus, we keep our finger on the pulse of industry innovations and are flexible in learning and harnessing new technologies.